World Environment Day 2019; Waste Disposal in our communties

Every June 5 has been set aside to commemorate World Environment Day; to reflect, take action and celebrate the Mother Earth. This year, the theme is #BeatAirPollution to enable us reflect on the effect of polluted air and how we can stop it.

Franklin D. Roosevelt said “A Nation that destroys its soil destroy itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people”

Air pollution has become a global emergency that needs the effort of every individual, body or organization to curb. In this regard, a sensitization program was held at three communities by Kids & Teens Resource Centre to commemorate the World Environment Day. The name of the communities were Odopetu Community, Araromi Community and Shagari Village.

From several interviews with young people and the community members, it was deduced that people in the communities have good a understanding about the necessity of Waste Management Authority but some of them have nonchallant attitudes to dumping waste around and not complying to payment of the waste management fees.

The sensitization, discussions and education of the members of the communities visited have broadened the horizon of community dwellers on the effect of air pollution on health. It was also established that air pollution is not only caused by the burning of refuse but also by the offensive gases emitted from dump sites in the their communities.

Air pollution is everywhere, connected to everything. It all seems so overwhelming. But the best way to start to address the problem is by looking at our own lives and our own contributions. Start at home – use energy efficient products and appliances, since they are both made in environmentally-friendly ways and do not emit toxic contaminants to the environment. Keep your own car properly maintained, and when possible, try to use public transportation, walk, or ride a bike. Recycle any materials you can, as often as you can. Take care of yourself, be healthy. By starting the changes at home and in our communities, each one of us can help to break the cycle of air pollution.

Take action today!!! Beat Air Pollution!

Therefore, let everyone keep doing what they can to protect Mother Earth!

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