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Family Planning

Family planning allows individuals and couples to anticipate and attain their desired number of children and the spacing and timing of their births. It is achieved through use of contraceptive methods and the treatment of involuntary infertility. A woman’s ability to space and limit her pregnancies has a direct impact on her health and well-being as well as on the outcome of each pregnancy. Kids & Teens Resource Centre works with communities and other stakeholders to promote family planning in a culturally accepted and gender sensitive methods by launching out advocacy, community awareness etc.

Infant and Young Children Feeding

To address these problems on infant and young child feeding practices, Kids & Teens Resource Centre aims to improve the nutritional status and health of children especially the under-three and consequently reduce infant and under-five mortality. Specifically, its objectives are to improve, protect and promote infant and young child feeding practices, increase political commitment at all levels, provide a supportive environment and ensure its sustainability. Kids & Teens Resource Centre promotes exclusive breastfeeding annually with other stakeholders.

Adolescent Reproductive Health – Monthly Knowing Series

  1. Very Young Adolescent: Early adolescence marks a critical time of development for young people—including intense physical, hormonal, cognitive, and social changes, and the formation of one's identity. Very young adolescents (VYAs), those between the ages of 10 and 14, are acquiring information, developing attitudes, and experimenting with behaviors that will affect their present and future well-being. Both boys and girls are internalizing cultural messages of what it means to be a man or a woman, and how they process these messages will affect their behaviors and health outcomes for decades to come. Educating young people with the right information on their reproductive health is one of our core competencies. We are dedicated to ensuring that every young person has the right information about their reproductive health. We also offer youth friendly services to young people to create the appropriate environment to engage young people on their sexuality.
  2. Peer Education: Supports the National Reproductive Health and HIV Prevention, Care and Support project through the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Nigeria. NYSC corps members are trained to stand as Peer Education Trainers and deployed to secondary schools to recruit and train 40 students as Peer Educators using the Peer Education approach in the school and meeting each student with minimum prevention package interventions.
  3. Peer Education Plus: Out-of-school young people lose a valuable opportunity to learn about reproductive health and HIV in a stable classroom situation. They are vulnerable to misinformation from unreliable sources or may possibly never learn about the issues at all. While some parents fulfill their roles as educators by openly discussing these health concerns with their children, others avoid the topic because of embarrassment or lack of knowledge or skills. In some parts of the world, too, a growing number of out-of-school youth have lost their parents to AIDS. Kids & Teens Resource Centre encourages young people to stay in or return to school, provides out-of-school youth with accurate information on reproductive health and HIV issues and services, and offer them training on life building skills including communication and negotiation skills, provide them with appropriate reproductive health and HIV & AIDS services, tailored to meet their specific needs and also provide them with avenues to acquire vocational skills to generate incomes.

Youth Friendly Healthcare Services

Young people, especially those who are sexually active, need access to a variety of reproductive health and HIV services. Frequently, youth seek services only when there is an acute illness or problem, such as a symptomatic sexually transmitted infection or pregnancy. Youth often avoid using HIV prevention and other services because of inconvenient hours or location, unfriendly staff, and lack of privacy and confidentiality. With the support of Ford Foundation, Kids & Teens Resource Centre designed a program to promote young people’s access services, special efforts are also made to attract, serve, and retain young clients in secondary health facilities in Ondo State of Nigeria. Efforts are made to meet both the pregnancy and STI/HIV prevention needs of youth, even where clinical services are often separate.

HIV & AIDS Prevention, Care and Support.

Joining the international body in the HIV & AIDS response, we engage in community outreaches, peer education, advocacy, referral, training, peer education plus, sexually transmitted infections management, condoms programming and HIV Counseling and Testing. 2. HIV counseling and testing services offer important benefits to all youth, regardless of their HIV status. Young people who test positive for HIV can access care and treatment services and be encouraged to adopt healthy behaviors that will enhance their quality of life and limit their risk of infecting others. Those who are not infected are counseled on making safe choices that will help them avoid infection in the future. Furthermore, counseling and testing provides an opportunity to offer a host of other services to youth. Youth can be encouraged to consider other issues related to sexual behavior, such as preventing sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy. Providers counsel young people on abstinence and provide appropriate contraception for those who are and wish to remain sexually active. Finally, the counseling and testing process can be a powerful tool for helping young people deal with peer pressure, adopt and sustain healthy behaviors that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Kids & Teens Resource Centre has a score of skilled counselors and testers and 20 mobile tents to offer services in a confidential manner during HCT outreaches.


Kids & Teens Resource Centre is a registered non-governmental organization established in December 2002 to advance, promote and support efforts of government and all other stakeholders involved in children and young people developmental activities.

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