As the Chief Executive Officer, there is a system in place that ensures the practice of transparency and accountability in all our activities including the financial management of the organization. There have also been periods when there was a dearth in funding and projects which I pray never happen again; in all of these the staffs have been wonderful and outstanding. Ten years have not been an easy journey, international organizations that are providing funding for this sector, usually look out for the best to offer aids to, not those that would collect the money and not work with it; and so in order to achieve relevance in this sector, we have been ensuring that we do what we call the Standard Operating Procedure, we maintain standards in ensuring also that our staff from time to time are trained and are also given the opportunity to advance in their career when the occasion arises. There are staffs that joined K&TRC as first degree holders who have also bagged their second degree in the process and are still working with us. As an individual, my career was in the engineering sector, I studied electrical-electronics engineering, in my 2nd degree, I studied Mathematics in the University, while | Computer science at my post-graduate level which has no relevance whatsoever with what I am doing presently especially in the health sector; I am practically what can be referred to as a public health specialist which was born as a result of passion and interest. I have come to realize overtime, that in a lot of instances, what you study in school does not matter, passion and attaining fulfillment in what you do is the important part and these are the factors that have driven everyone at K&TRC.

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