World’s largest clock on #ItsTimetoEndTB

The World’s largest clock on the 2019 World TB Day theme: “It’s time to END TB” was carved by Kids & Teens Resource Centre to educate and create awareness among people in Ondo State on tuberculosis.

K&TRC’s awareness train began with awareness creation and sensitization in Mary Queen of Angels Catholic Church with over 500 young people in attendance.

The young people were sensitized on the modes of transmission and how to prevent TB. They were all asked to stand as organs of enlightenment among their peers, families and communities. They were also implored to refer people who have been coughing for 3weeks or more to the nearest health facility. Questions were asked and scientifically correct answers given.

In the same vein the awareness creation train moved to the NASFAT centre also known as Nasrul-lahi-li Fathi Society of Nigeria, a Nigerian Muslim prayer group sometimes referred to as a Muslim Pentecostal group. The group has over one million members in Nigeria.

Over 200 Muslim faithfuls were equally sensitized on the basic facts of TB, how it is spread, prevented and cured. They were implored to also help in the identification of TB cases through referring of those who have been coughing for more than 2 weeks to the nearest DOTS facility.

The train passed through car and motorcycle parks creating awareness and finally stopped at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Eagles Wings Parish, Oke-Aro, where over 50 church members including elders of the church were educated on TB, prevention, risk factors and cure.

One major take home for all those educated was for them to realise that it’s time for everyone; religious leaders, market women, road transport workers, youths, teachers, traditional rulers, Policy makers, Government….EVERYONE to take action to EndTB in their lifetime!

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