International Youth Day (IYD) 2019 – “Transforming Education”

The International Youth Day 2019 which holds every August 12, was commemorated at  Kids & Teens Resource Centre. This held in two phases under the theme “Transforming Education”. The phases  held via dialogue forum and an edutainment style known as “Open Maths Dance”. The dialogue forum held in the morning at the organization conference hall with 23 persons in attendance.  The second phase  which was an Open Maths Dance  held in the evening with 30 persons in attendance at Oloko round about, FUTA Chicken Republic, Akure. The first phase had the presence of two major speakers in person of Mr Biyi Agboola;CEO Gudbil Global Ventures and Shola Kenny; An Information and Communication Technology Consultant. The second phase had the presence of DJ VENUM, the World Guiness Record Breaker DJ, who played nonstop for 15 days and Lead  Dancer of Praise Dance Group.

Phase 1 : Dialogue Forum

The Dialogue Forum was focused on “The Bane of Robotic Learning in Nigeria Educational System”  and “Capacity Development of Young People Beyond The Four Walls of the Classroom”. This was facilitated by Shola Kenny and Biyi Agboola respectively. The dialogue forum was an eye opener to the participants as they understood the benefits in giving themselves to capacity building while studying in school to aid balanced decision in after school life.  Also, the young people in attendance had a reminder on making use of their internet effectively because it brings about global connectivity and easier means of self education.

One of the commentators, Mr Toyo emphasized on the fact that youth need to be security conscious with the quote “Hackers are here, where are you?” This means young people should expand the scope of their I.T. knowledge for cyber security purpose.  Afterwards, the CEO of Kids & Teens Resource Centre in person of Martin – Mary Falana rounded up the program by appreciating everyone in attendance. Group pictures were taken.

Phase 2: Open Maths Dance

The Second Phase of Kids & Teens Resource Centre International Youth Day 2019 activity tagged “The Open Maths Dance” kicked off with the presence of DJ VENUM (The World Guinness Record Breaker DJ, who played nonstop for 15 days).  Shortly, the Lead Dancer of Praise Dance Group was around to lead the young people who were present for the Open Maths Dance. The Open Maths Dance had different styles which included calculating steps, circle formation and display of individual skills. In the course of the dance, MM was able to intimate the general public about the essence of the open maths dance which was done to commemorate the 2019 International Youth Day. In no time, other young fellow onlookers started dancing at their various stand points. It was dance! Dance!! Dance!!! till it was night.



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