In Geology, the presence of some elements in a location can indicate that a particular substance is in a place or not and can also tell us the volume of the element that is available before great investment is made in exploring in. Likewise the observation of some elements in a person can be used to determine what the vision of a person is.

One of these major elements is passion, this is because your vision is for a lifetime, and you can never be tired of it. Anytime you are tired of it, you have no reason to exist again. Anytime a car determines not to move again, it has stopped working. It is a car because it is supposed to convey people from one place to the other. You are in existence because there is a vision, a task and an assignment.

We will try to define these 3 terms and explain how they are related

Purpose- is the problem you are created to solve

Many people know what their vision is but few people know the purpose of the vision. When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. We have Personal Purpose and we have God given purpose.

Personal purpose is what you created for yourself. The problem you like to solve maybe as a result of the skills you have acquired or experiences in life. All these are personal purpose, they are created by man.

God-given vision has to do with what God intend that you do. The problem He saw before creating you. It is the reason for your existence. The purpose of anything is why it is created.

Every manufacturer creates product to attend to specific problem and that is the reason products are not the same. This is the reason everyone on the surface of the earth is uniquely created. We may look alike but we were not created for the same reason. Everyone on the surface of the earth is a solution. God created a perfect earth and that is the reason He does not need more than two people to take care of it. When the challenges were increasing, He needed to create more people to provide solution to them. The existence of everyone is at the instance of a problem. God saw HIV coming, He created someone to solve it, He saw less privileged people coming on the surface of the earth, He creates someone to attend to it, as they are increase in Africa, He creates someone to focus on it in African way and so and so forth.

Many challenges and problems we have on the surface of the earth is as a result of so many who do not know their vision and so many who know but did nothing about it.

Know that you cannot just do anything. The creator did not create you to just do anything. A product does not determine what it will be used for the manufacturer does.

Vision and the difference in between them

Vision- is the product that is solving it

Purpose: Problem you are to solve

Vision: Product solving it

We can have our visions look alike but solving different problems. Your vision is usually like an end product that will be used to solve a problem. The problem is hunger, eatery is the product.


The word career is defined by Oxford Dictionary as: The series of jobs that a person has in a particular area of work, usually involving more responsibility as time passes. The period of time that you spend in your life working or doing a particular thing

Also Cambridge Dictionary defined it as a job for which you are trained and in which it is possible to advance during your working life, so that you get greater responsibility and earn more money:

Success is doing what you like to do and someone is paying you to do it.

I like teaching and you are paying me to teach. Some of us, as soon as this compulsory holiday began, it looks as if we gained freedom of our life. When we choose a career that is in line with our passion, vision and purpose, we do not take holiday because it is life to us. Many people are in the wrong places, people that are supposed to be teachers and build nation choosing medical career. People who are supposed to solve economic problems choosing to be a scientist

Before we choose our career, we need to consider the above

A research was carried out in US; a great percentage of people who had heart attack had it on Monday morning, because they are not happy to resume working on Monday, their heart begins to raise on Sunday evening and they become very sad. Money is not the same as Fulfillment

How do we help our Children to discover their Passion, Vision, and Purpose and choose the right career?

  1. Observe their interests and Interact with them with the purpose of knowing their passion
  2. Create positive environment and expose them to opportunities that will help them develop it
  3. Guide them in making the right decisions in terms of what to do and how to do it, Including discipline and classes like science, commercial, arts etc
  4. Expose them to exploits in that area and motivate them for success. Success stories and news of great people in the area
  5. Connect them with networks of people who are doing what they are doing.
  6. Never condemn them for choosing an area or field. Just some weeks ago, Ronaldo became the first footballer to enter Forbes list of billionaire. The woman who wrote Harry potters, J k Rowling was the first person to enter Forbes list of billionaire by writing books, after her manuscript was rejected 12 timesSteve Havey was a comedian when he started using his own private Jet. Oprah Winfrey is a Journalist and one of the richest black woman. Michael Phelps was a swimmer and he became the most decorated atlete of all time with 23golds, 3 silver and 2 bronze. Mark Zuckerberg is just a developer and about 34 years, he is the 8th richest man in the world with about 71 billion dollars. He is richer in medal than about 600 countries
  1. Introduce them to respected and mentors with integrity
  2. Always ask about their progress

Gifts are natural endowments from God. Gifts are what you do easily without stress or with less training and you do it better than others

If you did not fulfill your vision, you should be ashamed to die; if you didn’t do anything in a day you should be ashamed to sleep. When you have no glimpse of your life, you see no reason to live.

As parents we need to learn how to align our expectations of who we want our children to be (doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc) to what they were really created and have passion for. There was a parent that was very concerned that her daughter said she wants to go to the university to study MUSIC. The Father supported the child but the mum felt it was a waste of time and money. She said Nursing would be better

You may not start big but u have all u need to start where u are. Bishop Oyedepo said, If you jump up, you will come down, if you climb up, you stay up.

Bill gate is not a doctor but he has the largest foundation on the world attending to global health crisis. You do need to be a doctor solve health challenge. How many people will you operate, did you know the number of people bill gate pay for their operation

Dangote sell almost everything apart from human being to become the richest man in Africa and ended beyond 200 in the Forbes list of billionaire while Mark Zuckerberg only sit down with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and he is number 8

Vision is beyond paying school fees.

He gave us assignment, we created some assignment and both must be done.

Solve problems with low cost. Let a child do what he is born to do. No wonder many people say where the real wealth is, is in solving problems

If you are not solving problem, you are a problem. The more problems you solve, the more your problem is solved. Look at it, who solves more problems between Facebook and Dangote?

‘Shakespeare says: Say nothing, Do nothing, and become nothing.’

Life is about value, If you cannot add value, you lose value.

Kolawole Idowu is the CEO of Purpose House International. His area of specialization covers Vision, Leadership, Success, Carrers Development, Capacity Building, Business Development, etc. He has helped many to discover and fulfill purpose.  He can be reached on +2349051110042.

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