Nigeria at 61; Orphanage Visit Initiative (OVI) to give hope and succour to vulnerable children

As part of activities lined up to celebrate the 61st Anniversary of Nigeria independence, a Non Govermental Organisation IBI Foundation in collaboration with Kids & Teens Resource Centre and other NGOs shared food and other essential commodities to Valerie Chapman Home at Imafon, Akure for the 2021 edition of the Orphanage Visit Initiative (OVI).

Presenting the items to the Home, the representative of the NGO, Mrs Jumoke Abereowo said it became necessary to celebrate Nigeria’s anniversary yearly with less privileged children and give them a sense of belonging and promote patriotism.

She said that the visit which is going on across the country would go a long way to rekindle the hope of the children in Nigeria and influence them to not only be nation builders but to give back to society.

Mrs Abereowo explained that the avenue was also a way to contribute to the attainment of the sustainable development goals (Goal 16) which seeks to promote peace and coexistence among the children.

The NGO representative advocated for an enhanced security system that would guarantee the safety of Nigerians appealing to the present administration to review the economic policy of the nation which is posing unbearable pressure on the citizens, especially children.

While speaking via Zoom, the Executive Director of Ibrahim Babainna Foundation (IBI) and brain behind the national event, Mr Ibrahim said that Orphanage Visit Initiative (OVI) is aimed at visiting orphanages periodically to bring succour, joy and excitement to the residents of Children Homes by donating food and household items in every State accross the Federation. According to him, previous visits have brought greater awareness and publicity to the plight of children living in such homes.

In her address, the leader of the Home, Mrs Kehinde Popoola was full of appreciation to Kids & Teens Resource Centre, IBI Foundation, The Wise Virgins and other organizations that collaborated to bring smiles to the faces of the children in Valerie Chapman Home.

Mrs Popoola promised that the home would continue to train children that would add value to the society.

Some children in the home; Michael Iyanu, Jeremiah Johnmark and Ayodele Queen said they had fun with the numerous activities by the NGO to make the Independence Day interesting for them.

The Orphanage Visit featured various activities, like Spelling Bee Competition, Dancing, Games, Energisers, among others.

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