World Tuberculosis Day 2017

World Tuberculosis Day 2017

In commemoration of the World Tuberculosis Day 2017 Themed; Unite to End TB in Nigeria, Kids & Teens Resource Centre participated with KNCV (in support of USAID) to carry out a four-day awareness campaign and outreach in Three (3) local governments of Ondo State namely: Akure-South, Owo & Odigbo local governments from 21st to 24th of March 2017.

To start off the activities, advocacy visits were paid to all the stakeholders in the various loacal governments. The visits were held at the Primary Health Centres (PHC) of each local government and had in attendance the Directors of the (PHC), Local Agency for the Control of AIDS (LACA) Officers, Tuberculosis and Leprosy Supervisors (TBLS), The Program Officer (or representative) of K&TRC and other concerned/related personalities. The advocacy visits were designed so stakeholders in the communities can be communicated with on the issue and plans can be mapped out for the implementation of the commemoration.

On the second day of the commemoration, community awareness and sensitization were carried out in all the communities pinpointed in each local government. The aim of the awareness and sensitization campaigns was to aid the distribution of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials to members of the communities and to also invite them to come for the free testing services to be provided for them. Orita-Obele community, Owo community and Ajue community were selected in Akure-South, Owo and Odigbo local governments respectively. Local musical bands were also engaged in the communities so as to create more fanfare and draw more attention to the campaign teams.

On the 23rd & 24th of March, teams of Kids & Teens Resource Centre with the technical support of the TBLS’ conduct HIV, Malaria, Hepatitis B & Tuberculosis tests at the Basic Health Centres of the three (3) local governments. The testing services witnessed a massive turnout of community members as this served as testament to the work being done over the past two days and the willingness of the community members to make sure they are in good health. Across the three (3) centres where tests were conducted, 190 people were tested in all with three (3) HIV reactive cases discovered in Orita-Obele Basic Health Centre and none discovered in the other two (2) centres. The Tuberculosis and Leprosy Supervisors (TBLS) in the various centres were responsible for the collection of sputum samples for the TB tests which were taken to the labs for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) analysis.

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