14th November of every year is known as World Diabetes Day (WDD). WDD is the world’s largest diabetes awareness campaign reaching a global audience of over 1 billion people in more than 160 countries. The campaign draws attention to issues of paramount importance to the diabetes world and keeps diabetes firmly in the public and political spotlight.

For 2019, the theme was “Family and Diabetes”. This was a platform to create awareness of the impact that diabetes has on the family and support network of those affected, and promoting the role of the family in the management, care, prevention and education of diabetes. At Kids & Teens Resource Centre, this day activities were at Just Once Model College along FUTA South Gate Akure and Aponmu Community in  Ondo – State. Partners who were part of the event were Elixir Foundation and Global Help Foundation (GloHelp).

At Just Once Model College, a sensitization on diabetes started at 7:50am. The Executive Director of Kids & Teens in person of Folashade Bamigboye addressed the students on the significance of  World Diabetes Day. She advised the children to watch what they eat and told them to avoid eating too much sweetened food like biscuits and candy. Anchoring the sensitization talk was Austin Omogiate, the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer from Kids and Teens. In his session with the students, he educated them on what diabetes is, the types, symptoms and treatment of diabetes. He also urged the student to educate their family members on what they have learnt about diabetes.

M&E officer of Kids & Teens sensitizing the students of Just Once Model College

Afterwards, Some students were selected to display the placards and read the content to their peers. The Elixir Foundation representative also gave her remark on what Diabetes is. She mentioned that Diabetes is a chronic disease which means that it is deadly and that people should go for blood sugar level test while desisting from taking unhealthy foods. To enhance sustainable output after the sensitization, the proprietress of the school in person of Mrs. Olubode Oluwatoyin was decorated as an Anti-Diabetic Advocate after which Folashade gave the vote of thanks. In total 204 students (89 girls and 115 boys) were present.

Cross Section Picture of Just Once Model College Students
The Proprietress of Just Once Model College being decorated as Anti – Diabetic Advocate

At Aponmu Community, the event began with registration of participants at 9:30a.m. The Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Manager in person of Ajidagba Damilola addressed the members of the community and told them about  the importance of World Diabetes Day and the theme for the year’s event. She also mentioned that it is being celebrated globally every year.

Thereafter, the Chief Nursing Officer of Aponmu in person of Mrs Kolawole started with a short prayer and educated the people of the community on diabetes and how it can be prevented in yoruba language for easy understanding. She said diabetes could be hereditary. She therefore, implore the people of the community to be careful of what they eat. She said Diabetes which is “ito suga” in yoruba is a deadly disease that can kill if not properly managed. She talked about 3 major symptom of diabetes which are: constant thirst, delay in healing of sore/wound and constant hunger. She also mentioned that the people should detest from taking carbonated drinks. However, she suggested ways diabetes can be prevented which are: eating less carbohydrate, eating more fruits and vegetables and engaging in exercise. Rounding up her talk, She encouraged those already living with diabetes to adhere to their treatment and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Chief Nursing Officer of Aponmu talking to the Community People

It was noticed the community members listened attentively and asked questions where necessary about diabetes. Majority of the participants were farmers because farming is their major means of livelihood in Aponmu community. The age range of participants in attendance were between 20-70 years. In total, 50 community members were in attendance as 41 members (15 Men and 26 women) fully registered for the free test for diabetes and blood pressure that was conducted with results gotten immediately from the lab personnel of health centre Aponmu community. Amongst the beneficiaries of the program where three (3) chieftains namely: Chief Ayoola Faleye who is the head of the community, Chief Joseph Egunjobi and Chief Ayodele J.

Picture of some of the community people being tested

At Aponmu Community, the Chief Nursing Officer in person of Mrs Kolawole and Chief Joseph Egunjobi, Chairman of Ward Health Committee  of the Aponmu Health Centre were decorated as the Anti  – Diabetes Advocates. The advocates promised to keep educating the members of the community and appreciated Kids & Teens for the good works.

Mrs Kolawole being decorated as Anti – Diabetic Advocate
Chief Joseph Egunjobi being decorated as Anti – Diabetic Advocate




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