Tribute to the Executive Director of Kidsnteensng

Tribute to an Icon- Martin-Mary Falana

What makes days special isn’t the day itself but the events that occur in those days make such days remarkable and rememberable. The 29th of November is just an ordinary day for some people but not for us at Kids & Teens Resource Centre.

It’s a day to always remember and celebrate as that is the birth day of our beloved ED Martin-Mary Falana.

Let me give you a briefing on who Martin-Mary Falana is!
Born Nov.29th, he graduated from the University of Ado Ekiti where he studied Physics Electronics but due to his passion for adolescent and young people, Vulnerable Children, and then with the rapid spread of HIV and AIDS, He Martin-Mary Falana dedicated his life to “building dreams and advocating for a safer, better tomorrow for today’s young people and children” that is how in 2002 Kids & Teens Concerns was born, which has touched thousands of lives with  numerous projects like building of schools, bringing health facilities to rural areas and affordable education to less privileged in Ondo, Kwara, Ekiti as well as other States in Nigeria.

Martin-Mary Falana has been a father, mentor, role model, coach, trainer, inspirator to countless young people and adults who are now doing great things in their various fields and endeavour, hopeless young people have been inspired to becoming great. The King of Children as he is popularly called shows how concerned he is and how much effort has gone into programmes to securing the Destiny and future of Children/Young People in Nigeria.

Martin-Martin Falana is a dedicated advocate of the SDG’s goals and seeks to ensure everyone around him or who by chance comes in contact with him is impacted with knowledge and care which is not far from the fulfilment of his heart desires for children, adolescent and young people in Ondo, Ekiti, Nigeria and Africa at large, and so on the occasion of his birthday, we are calling on all and sundary to partner with this great icon is delivering the future of our young people today from decadence, neglect, poverty, sexual aduse, domestic violence and poverty……written by Onesimus Aiwanfo

1 thought on ldquo;Tribute to the Executive Director of Kidsnteensng”

  • My phone fell into water closet, but devil is a lair!!! Not this day when a jewel is celebrating his birthday.

    It’s a glorious day and I want to join the league of others to wish a noble man, courageous father of prince and princesses, a man with a large heart, doting and encouraging, a wonderful birthday celebration. Within the short period I have spent with him, MM has shown me plethora of things man are created for, his actions and demeanor have been my source of inspiration. I could remember hearing for the very first time in my life “Ibileye, you can do it” from MM on the day he was trying to check how well I understand the online course whose certificate I was holding. This word has sparked a great passion for learning and hard work in me. Thank you MM for being my inspiration.
    Today, If I had a million naira, I would have spent 600,000 on purchasing you a gift but I believe I can do more with words.

    MM, continue to blaze the trail as you mark yet another glorious year. Happy Birthday.

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