Valentine's Day

Love & Sex are not synonymous


Social Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. It is a festival of romantic love and many people give cards, letters, flowers or presents to their spouse or partner. They may also arrange a romantic meal in a restaurant or night in a hotel.

In the meantime, the day has been bastardized with even younger people engaging in a lot of illicit acts to mark the day. Some will hang out with friends and lovers by getting an excuse for staying out the night from their parents and guardians.

This is a day that so many young people may get infected with HIV, some will be infected with different types of sexually transmitted infections. Reports also have it that chemists sell more condoms around this festive period for some who may want to still celebrate the romantic valentine without risking their future.

Barely 24hrs to Valentine’s day, Kids & Teens Resource Centre and a group of young NYSC corps members (Nwachukwu Paul Chinedu, Mbaraonye Chinyere Comfort and Ogunleye Patience Tanimola) were at the CAC Grammar School, Akure to address over 1000 students. The school authority admitted that there are capsules of sexual activities among the students which may be by their fathers, mates, neighbours as the case may be.

Pre-Valentine’s Day intervention in CAC Grammar School, Akure

The sensitization covered a better understanding of Valentine’s day and the mischievous activities by the world today, dangers of sexually transmitted infections, life building skills like refusal skills, negotiations skills and communication skills to mention a few.

The CEO of Kids & Teens Resource Centre, Martin-Mary Falana reinstated to the students that Love and Sex are not the same and that Sex can never be used to know if someone truly loves the other. “Many young people are misled in the name of love on Valentine’s day and are being given gifts at the expense of their lives and future.” he said.

According to reports, the prevalence of STIs, unplanned pregnancies and abortion among young people 10-24 is alarming. Drastic efforts needed to help curb the menace now in our society.

Speaking at this event were trained Corps Peer Education Trainers (C-PETs) who have adopted CAC Grammar School for their Adolescent Reproductive Health program during their service year. They took turn to address the students on STIs, life building skills and concept of peer education respectively and they called for volunteers across all arms of classes to be trained as organs of enlightenment among their peers.

This will go a long way in equipping these young people with the right information they need to make informed decisions when faced with life’s choices.

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