Caring Cause Vulnerable Child Care

Complete Care for Street Kids (CC4SK)

Child protection is a serious concern that is characterized by the targeting and abduction of children. In Ondo State, we work with the State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development and the communities to build a sustainable response to these issues.

Many children do not have shelter and they live on the streets, market stalls, sawmills, uncompleted buildings at night. They wake in the day to source for a sustenance and return to the same condition at night. Some do wheel barrow business, some engage in selling of water and bread. Majority are boys and a very few are girls.

🌺 Child-Friendly Space
We have set up Child-Friendly Space where about 50 children can play and receive counselling; staffed by community volunteers who have been trained by our counsellors and professional mental health staff. This space are supported by individual philanthropists, professional social workers who can help provide services to children that have more severe conditions.

🌺 Community Safety Nets
The community safety net is a community-led response that has community initiatives for meeting the unmet needs of the street kids. The community assigns the responsibility to a host family within the community and communal efforts are in place to support the host family. We follow-up and offer psychological support from time to time.
Reconnecting Families
We are also helping children reconnect with their families, and reintegrate into society if they have been associated with bad groups. We have a child protection crew that traces the families of the kids and conduct the reunification process, ensuring child safety, and work to find parents that may have neglected their kids as a result of inability to fend for them.

🌺 Household Economic Empowerment

Mum empowered to send kids back to school

In some circumstances, we economically empower the family, either the mother or the guardian. When empowered, they joyfully take up the fending responsibility. No child is an island, the extended families can be traced even when both biological parents are dead.

Kindly contact us if you will like to support a child.

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