Knowing Series on Adolescent Reproductive Health

Adolescence as defined by World Health Organization (WHO) is the transitional phase of growth and development between childhood and adulthood. It is a time of rapid physical, physiological and social development where a child grows from being a boy or girl into a man or woman.

Research has recently shown that adolescents are not well served and are missed out in health programs and there is need for improvement through evidence-based interventions for Adolescents. It is in this regards that our ARH sensitization program called “Knowing Series” was organized for adolescents in Best Solution Educational Centre, a Continuing Educational Centre in Itagbolu, Akure, Nigeria.

The objective of this program is to equip young people with knowledge and skills that can help them make informed decisions about their lives. It also provides an opportunity to listen to issues bothering adolescents about their sexual reproductive health and provide scientifically correct information to guide them.

Due to his passion and love for adolescents and young people, the Executive Director of K&TRC, Martin-Mary Falana facilitated the session himself; He started by saying ” I am sure most of you have great plans for your future“.

He told them there is time for every thing and counselled them to focus on their studies. He shed light on the Adolescent Reproductive Health #ARH issues they face such as unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, engaging in multiple sexual partners, HIV/AIDS, unsafe abortion, etc. He warned the ladies to be careful of visiting male friends alone.

Martin-Mary sensitized them on common myths on terminating unwanted pregnancy such as the girls banging their legs on the floor after sex . He also corrected their perception on this and counselled them to abstain, protect themselves and stay HIV free.

The Executive Director went on to sensitized them on some Life Building Skills such as Refusal and Negotiation skills. He warned them to beware of deceits of guys promising marriage in order to engage in sexual activity. Lastly, he told the girls “Men don’t run after unsuccessful ladies” and therefore they should put their studies first.

K&TRC’s staff and volunteers in attendance during the sensitization include: Akeju Busayo, Aiwanso Onesimus, Isola Nafisat, Jide Afolabi and Kemi Falana.