Guest of the Month

Guest of the Month

Today we hosted our “Guest of the Month” – Mr Ebenezer Adeniyan, a revered journalist/editor and the publisher of “TRACE NEWS MAGAZINE”, a magazine that has a national readership of over 2000. He hails from Akure and was the former editor of the “Sunshine Daily Watch” Akure. As is our tradition at K&TRC, Mr Ebenezer was warmly welcomed and specially decorated as our distinguished personality and to-be partner.

Martin-Mary Falana gave an elaborate exposition on what the organisation is about, what we do, how we do it and which thematic areas we carry out our work in. He especially enjoined our guest to take note of the 3Gs’ we operate with in K&TRC (Give, Get & Generate). He noted that we do not necessarily put monetary targets/demands on our friends and partners but we encourage them more to use their vast networks to help us GET resources that could make our work more effective and far-reaching.

In his feedback to the organisation, Mr Ebenezer stated that he is so impressed with the level of work done by the organisation so far and he praised K&TRC’s impact on its immediate environs and beyond. He further pledged that he would ensure he uses all of the resources available to him to help promote what K&TRC does. In ‘Getting’ for the organisation, he promised to nominate and deliver at least 3 notable personalities to be our Guests of the Month and guaranteed regular publicity for our activities and projects on the media channels he control.

It was indeed a jolly good time having Mr Ebenezer with us as jokes and banter were shared while we took him on a tour of the facility and took group photographs. We indeed appreciate our guest for the invaluable time spent with us!

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