Children Caravan 2018: 50 Less privileged kids empowered

Making a difference in the lives of children especially those who live in rural and excluded communities has been the major focus of our organization. This year’s holiday camp was designed to expose less-privileged kids to social life.
Kids & Teens Resource Centre (K&TRC) mobilized children ages 10-15 from 5 rural communities across 3 Local Government Areas of Ondo State for an educational tour to the Airport – seeing the landing and taking-off of a plane for the first time in their lives.
The Caravan took the kids to the Federal University of Technology Akure and where they were introduced to the different structures in the university. The tour to the university is to promote enthusiasm for attaining University education amidst their parents’ yearning for farming after a high school because of their inability to finance the university education.
The Caravan provided room for the kids to also acquire skills that they can use to become entrepreneurs and support their parents in funding for their education in future through the production of little things they can do to sell within their reaches such as confectionery, soaps, body creams, and fashion products.
The Caravan took the kids to a Zoo where they were able to see different types of animals and amazingly, none of these kids had visited a Zoo before. They also visited Akure shopping Mall to shop for items in Shoprite Akure.
The over 50 children also visited Coven Hubs Akure where they were trained on ICT and Virtual Environment.The Children Caravan 2018 #CC2018 ended with training on #ICT and Entrepreneurial training in collaboration with the GREAT initiative in a bid to further expose the kids to creative and innovative thinking that will set them on the right course to achieving their full potentials in life. 

The power of their imagination has been enhanced in the 3 days program and we look forward to seeing them contributing to the sustainable development of their communities- Aponmu, Ipinsa, IKota, Ilado and Akure as a whole.