Every child has the right to Survival, Development, Protection and Participation #SDPP. No child should be left alone to survive the hardship and torture the world brings on them. Even if a child is an orphan, he should experience a life where someone can arise and say you are not alone.
We want to see a society where the right of a child to education will be first priority and never hindered no matter the circumstances. A society where a child’s NO will be taken for NO and YES for YES and not to be told to shut up, saying “what do u know”?.
It is the right of a child to be guaranteed protection in order to feel secured, where the child’s ambitions can be noticed and encouragement of such ambitions will be the tools the child needs in achieving his/her dreams.
It is the right of a child for everyone that violates her to be made to face the law and not to be waved aside saying “she is still a child”. Children are not only to be seen but also to be heard and recognized too because they also have a mandate and vision to accomplish; let children take decisions sometimes and don’t always decide for them. Parents and Care givers should not overlook a child as just being a child but see children as our heritage, leaders of today and our tomorrow.
Every child needs survival, good life, protection, education and above all #love.
The acronym for CHILDREN should be:
C: Chance of
H: Having an
I: Independent life worth
L: Living instead growing up to be a
D: Destitute,
R: Rejected
E: Estranged and
N: Neglected adult
Help children live a life where they don’t have to beg for their rights before it is recognized and granted. When we do this, the society will be safe place for us all because the child we abuse and neglect today will grow up to be a menace to us and the society. End Violence Against Children #EndVAC
Written by Gladys Eseoghene