Human Rights Pandemic


Our CEO, a global advocate for key populations in Nigeria, Martin-Mary Falana has strongly condemned the arrest of sex workers in Ondo State saying sex workers are ostracized, marginalized folks who are often drug addicts with little or no public sympathy or support, and are easy prey for extortion and assault by the police. Speaking […]

World Celebration Day

Zero Malaria Begins With Me

It’s TRUE the world presently is faced with dealing with the novel coronavirus which has been receiving global attention and response. However, the toll of malaria won’t stop as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. A halt in progress now will bring unnecessary SUFFERING and LOSS of LIFE. We join the world today to commemorate World Malaria […]

Vulnerable Child Care

Autism Spectrum Disorder – Celebrating a Social Worker with a Difference!

April is Autism Month­čÄ» Today we celebrate Omon Olohigbe Omoike, a woman who has been at the center of care for many special children in Nigeria. She is the founder of Salem Montessori School. A distinguished philanthropist virtuoso and adjunct special needs Educator with specialization on the intervention and advocacy for the children living with […]

Caring Cause Vulnerable Child Care

Complete Care for Street Kids (CC4SK)

Child protection is a serious concern that is characterized by the targeting and abduction of children. In Ondo State, we work with the State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development and the communities to build a sustainable response to these issues. Many children do not have shelter and they live on the streets, market […]

Pandemic Societal Issues

Good Friday & increase in COVID-19 Cases

Today is called ‘Good Friday’ because it is the day when Jesus was rejected so that mankind can be accepted before God. Jesus was killed so that mankind can be healed from sin. So we rejoice! Thus, same way we should rejoice and continue to rejoice as the number of cases detected by the NCDC […]